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Full of all of the stuff I can certainly say I've played.

Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception

2006, Access Games / Project Aces

I'd like to replay this one again. I believe this was the first in the Ace Combat franchise to be on PSP. I remember it playing pretty darn well for a the little pocket console. Music is as always, really nice.

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

2010, Rare

Is this game really all that bad? Did it really take too much away from a beloved franchise? Yes, but you can't blame Rare for changing things up. I loved it.

Crazy Taxi

2001, SEGA / Acclaim

A really straight forward arcade port that plays really well. This was one of the very first PS2 games I ever got!

Ford Racing 3

2004, Empire Interactive

The Ford Racing series is surprisingly okay for a licensed racing game featuring only one brand of car. I still have 98% completion on this game but the final challenge is too frustrating for me.


Halo 3

2007, Bungie

It was originally supposed to be the end of "The Halo Trilogy", however the popularity of Halo had basically fucktupled. I still would like to come back to it one day, perhaps in Halo MCC.

Juiced: Eliminator

2006, Juice Games

Doesn't quite bang as hard as Need for Speed in certain respects, or Midnight Club for that matter, but I enjoyed Juiced for how the campaign worked outside of racing.

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Mario Party DS

2007, Hudson Soft

Despite never having much experience of other Mario Parties up to this point, you couldn't say this isn't a "Mario Party" — perfect example of how good Download Play can bring DS owners together for an evening, whenever, wherever. Single player is shockingly hard iirc.

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Mass Effect

2007, BioWare

I never played KotOR. Mass Effect however, took all that Star Wars influence and just ran with it. I have a soft spot for the first game due to how simplistic everything felt. I'd almost equate it to a visual novel with a tactical shooter sewn in.

Mega Man X: Command Mission

2004, Capcom

This was long before I got into Megaman as a franchise, so my enjoyment kinda varied. There was an attempt to pick it up again in 2021, nearly 10 years after my previous attempt. I'm just really not built for console RPGs.


2008, Pyramid Inc.

Sony really loves putting their obscure, cute stuff on the handhelds. Rhythem and strategy rolled into one, it's sort of hard to play at first. Definitely worth trying at least once.

Pokémon White

2010, Game Freak / Creatures

I can't blame GameFreak for going after PETA in BW's story. I don't think it answers all the ethical questions of Pokémon, but we get close. Being brutally honest, I hate the gameplay - it's nearly the weakest in the franchise - but the music absolutely fucks.


Saints Row 2

2008, Volition

Memories of plugging hours away in Discount San Andreas, and I mean well after I finished the story. It always felt like there was more to explore and dick around with each time I booted up my Xbox.

The Sims 2 (PSP)

2005, Maxis / Amaze Entertainment

This is a strange one. The PSP version of The Sims 2, instead of being a straight forward release, is actually an RPG where you have to play as your Sim, doing Sim things, but also uncovering a giant mystery. Akin to The Sims: Bustin' Out. Oh, but The Sim 2 Pets IS a regular Sims game. Weird.

SoulCaliber IV

2008, Project Soul

This was my first real fighting game, and I was NOT familiar with the franchise. To this day I still don't really get the Star Wars crossover stuff other than the fact this came out around the some time as The Force Unleashed. Decent, but I never had a fight stick to play with. :(


Twisted Metal: Head-On

2005, Incognito Entertainment

Twisted Metal on the go. I can't really say more, but you get (practically) everyone, voiced cutscenes with our boy Calypso, and plenty of neat secrets and unlocks. Definitely worth having in a PSP collection.


Worms: Open Warfare 2

2007, Team17

If you hadn't played 2D Worms before like I had, this is a very strong introduction. You get most of the staple weapons. Sadly I found a lot of bugs while playing, and the AI isn't particularly smart.

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